This page is for the prospective student to get a better idea of how Steve can play and what he can teach you. 


"Here Comes The Sun" Fingerstyle"



"Wish You Were Here" Intro



"Meditation" by Jules Massenet covered by Steve Anthes



Free Lesson!

Learn how to play SRV style with me!


Burn Notice

This song was written for instructional purposes and is apart of the premium content. As you can see the sheet music is playing right along with me!



Stevie Ray Vaughan Style

This one is in the key of E and has a Stevie Ray feel to it!



Gm Blues

Here is Steve playing over a backing track in G minor. This is a very bluesy piece and shows off his ability to play with feeling and using licks and phrases.
Backing tracks are a great way to begin to learn how to improvise.



"Blue Bossa"