"My wife gave me a guitar lesson with Steve for Christmas and I started taking them in February. I'm a total music misfit - never played an instrument and I never paid attention to music theory. Steve is teaching me the basics of both. He is an impressive musician and is able to tailor is craft to help me start to learn the guitar. I'm in my 50s and he seems able to help people my age and older as well as the younger students. I could never be at the point I'm at without his help and I need an instructor like him to monitor and provide feedback for what I'm doing right and wrong and keep me moving forward. If you are thinking about learning an instrument I highly recommend Steve. I'm super glad I got that Christmas gift."


"Steve is a fantastic guitar teacher. I started taking lessons from him at 45 after watching him teach my daughter for several years. Whatever your musical interest Steve will be able to guide you expertly while also encouraging you to explore different styles. He keeps things interesting by combining fundamentals with learning songs and performing in student jams. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone as a guitar teacher."



Super nice and patient guitar teacher! He spent time getting to know my goal and my background, and then provides personalized content for the lessons. Would recommend to my friends!


"I have been studying under Steve for approximately 1-1/2 - 2 years and it has been a wonderful experience. He is very adaptive to the needs and skill levels of his students. I've seen this not only in his dealing with me, but with other students/parents/customers that I have observed. I happily recommend Steve to those who ask me in general conversation about how my guitar studies are progressing."


Jason M. Madison, WI


"Steve has been nothing short of a great teacher for me. When I started 2 years ago with him I new very little about playing any kind of music. Steve has been very patient with me and knows what is holding me back without me saying anything. I'm constantly amazed at the knowledge he possess about all things guitar. I consider him a good friend as well as a great teacher that has me playing guitar better than I ever thought I would."


"Steve is an incredibly talented teacher. His versatile knowledge and technical skills makes every lesson fun, interesting and very worthwhile. He has high standards yet he is easy-going. He works hard at making sure his students have materials to learn proper technique, theory and music in many different styles. Every week for the past two years I have left each lesson amazed at how helpful he is. I hope he never leaves town"!


Betsy B. Madison, WI