Steve Anthes Guitar Lessons Madison, WI


Hi I'm Steve Anthes and I teach guitar lessons in Madison, WI. Teaching guitar has been my career for over ten years now.  In those years I have developed many great techniques for both the beginner, intermediate, and advanced player.  The longer I teach the more I recognize what works and what doesn't.  Having clear instruction for the beginner will help get results faster.  Beginners who teach themselves don't place enough emphasis on the physical side of playing!  If your an intermediate player you may not know exactly how to proceed further on your own.  This is something I deal with all the time and can help you get back on track.  Helping advanced players is a bit different in that I need to sit with them to understand where they are and what the are looking for.  No matter what stage you are in your playing lessons can help tremendously.   

Another aspect that helps my teaching is that I play in two bands that gig regularly.  The first band is Lynda & The Zero's.  This is an 8 piece funk/soul/R&B/blues band.  The other is Mickey Magnum which is a 5 piece original rock band.  My experience playing live in bands, writing, recording, and rehearsing is an added bonus to taking lessons with me!

Maybe you're not sure if guitar lessons are right for you.  I can assure you if you want to start off on the right foot or are sick of struggling with your guitar playing then lessons are well worth the money! 

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Check out Steve playing with Lynda & The Zero's

"Steve is a very talented musician and an equally talented teacher. My daughter has been taking lessons from Steve for four years and has learned so much. Steve brings his knowledge of guitar techniques to his teaching while also integrating enthusiasm, support, challenges, and his love of the guitar and music is clear and contagious."

Kerry B.